Software Logging by using bluetooth

Bluetooth Software Logging

The picture below shows the logging software used with the CO2 controller.
The measured pH is displayed in the blue frame and the Target pH (wanted pH) in the red frame.
The software is very simple to learn and to handle.
The software has a graph display and a text log option.
Logging Software
The graph below shows a true aquarium log.

At 07:18 I start the experiment by turning OFF CO2 gas to the aquarium. The pH starts to climb up and above 7.0

At 09:26 I turn the gas ON again.
The magnetic gas valve start to work (orange bar at the bottom) a lot.
Every time the valve open, an orange bar will appear in the graph.

The CO2 gas will bring down the pH in a steep slope.
At 10:28 the pH has come down to Target pH 6.74 (Red Line) and the pH will continue to stay stable at 6.74 as I wish.

You can now also notice that the valve (orange bar) does not need to work as often any more.

The CO2 system is stable and in total control.
Logging Software

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