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CO2 Controller
Your plants will grow like never before, with thriving results,
you will notice that there will be no more algae problems.
The carbon regulator system is user-friendly and easy to control,
while remaining the most complex and stable CO2 systems on the market.
The Carbon Regulator is the ultimate in simplicity and reliability.
All Carbon Regulators come pre-calibrated and require no adjustments;
you can just plug and play.

  • Blue aqua LEDs present pH
  • Acoustic alarm warning system
  • Simple to setup and handle
  • Display pH level 2-14
  • Accuracy 0.1 in pH
  • Stability > 0.03 pH
  • High stability even when KH is below 1
  • Anti software freezing control (Aviation Computer Security)
  • Bluetooth Computer log
  • User-friendly calibration
  • No heat developed in magnetic valve
  • Works with all standard pH probes using BNC connector
  • Small size (147 x 89 x 25 mm = 5.8" x 3.5" x 1.0")

  • Links:
  • Detailed information about the CO2 controller.
  • How to set the target level of co2 in a planted tank
  • pH fluctuations in aquarium during 24 hours
  • Bluetooth Software
  • Live pH graph (bluetooth)
  • Quick Guide (pdf)
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    CO2 Regulator
    We offer a two stage CO2 Regulator.
    A two stage regulator will always make sure you have constant working pressure at the output. The output pressure can be set manually.
    The regulator has two gauge meter to display the pressure in the tank and the output pressure.

  • Output pressure is variable from 0 to 3 Bar.
  • Input is standard CO2 thread DIN 477.
  • Output is 1/8" BSP with a 6 mm quick connector for hose.
  • (If you wish, we can mount the magnetic valve directly to the regulator
    and a needle valve.
    ) Click here to see picture

  • In our shop you will find adapter for Soda Stream bottle.

  • Links:
  • How to setup and tune the CO2 regulator
  • Co2 from Yeast or Regulator
  • BSP Thread
  • Standard CO2 thread DIN 477 (W21.8 / 14") No. 1
  • Pressure Converter
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    Magnetic Gas Valve
    The valve consist of a solenoid. When power is applied, the magnetic field moves the solenoid and the valve opens.
    The valve we supply has a pre mounted plug on its cable, matching the output of the CO2 controller - just Plug & Play.

    The valve has 6 mm quick connectors for input and output standard hose.
    The CO2 controller device regulates the gas valve, which will inject CO2 into the aquarium.

    During an hour the CO2 controller can open the vale many times.
    Each time the valve can stay open for max twenty seconds. This will give a precise and fine tuning of the amount of CO2 in the water.
    Another advantage is that the valve will stay cold.
    (If a magnetic valve is open for constant time, lot of heat will be produced and the valve will become very hot.)

  • 2V025-06 G1/8
  • 12V DC
  • Cable length: 150cm
  • Suitable for gas, water and oil
  • Input/output thread 1/8" BSP
  • Input/output 6mm quick connector for 6 mm hose
  • Max preasure 10 Bar
  • Normaly closed

  • Links:
  • BSP Thread
  • 2V025-06.pdf
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    pH Electrode
    The life of your pH electrode is not infinite. A number of factors affect the life span of your pH electrode. The higher the temperature that the electrode is used at, the more extreme the pH, how often the bulb dries out and needs to be rehydrated, how roughly it is used; all these factors and more shorten the life span of your electrode. An electrode that is well maintained and cared for can last up to 2 years, one that is not well maintained will not last as long, and one that is well maintained will not last significantly longer.

  • BNC Connector E-201-C
  • pH range: 0-14pH
  • Temperature range: 0-70 C
  • Cable length: 200cm
  • BNC Connector, suitable for most pH meter
  • Wide range of application: Aquariums, Hydroponics, Laboratory etc.

  • Links:
  • pH Electrode care and storage
  • Calibration Guides
  • 2V025-06.pdf
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