2.5 GHz Frequency Counter KIT
Art Nr W1_101

Tech info
This project explain a very powerful frequency counter which has many useful software functions. The software can add or subtract 3 different IF frequencies (±455 kHz ,±10.7 MHz and ±21.4 MHz). You have also two level of resolutions, 1kHz and 100Hz. The main oscillator can be on-board 13MHz or external 10 MHz. The counter data can easy be transmitted to computer with RS232 cable. The construction is extremely simple and the unit is very small. This project comes in a KIT version, se more details below.
This Kit is NOT Assembled. All parts are included with assembly manual.
Frequency Range
5 to 2500 MHz
Blue 16 character by 2 line high contrast LCD
Power supply
+7.5 to +35V DC
Input Level
High sensitivity input typ 15mV at 150MHz
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Price Euro 69.0


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