pH fluctuations in aquarium during 24 hours

pH fluctuations in aquarium during 24 hours
Below I will show you how much pH can change in an aquarium during 24 hours.
The aquarium is 180 litre and has no CO2 system.
(The logging has been done with our Bluetooth software.)

Day and Night Logg

The light is turned off at 21:00. The pH has reached its peak at 7.5
Since the light is off the photosynthesis stops and pH falls down to 7.15

The light is turned on at 12:00. The pH has reached bottom 7.15
Since the light is turned on, the photosynthesis starts and the plants pick up CO2 from the water. The effect is that pH rise up to 7.5

The photosynthesis consume CO2 during day and not during night. The effect is that pH fluctuate from 7.15 to 7.5 every day.
This high variation in pH will have bad effect on all living animals in the aquarium.
Most aquarium has this pH fluctuation and the only solution is a good CO2 controller.

Our CarbonRegulator CO2 controller will keep the pH rock stable as it is in nature.

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