About the MAN behind the projects
I live in a country called Sweden. This is me back in the 70:th
Most people in the world thinks that the swedish people are beer drinking Viking savages, who prefere to have long hair and fights a lot. Well, that is who we are. Our country is big but we are only 9 Milj people here.

I am an electronic engineer and I worked with Research and Development of electrolytic capacitors until the company moved to China.
Now I got a temporary work at a company called SAAB. It is very interesting work and I really hope it will be more than temporary.

I am always working on several project. Most of them involves electronic, but I am also interested in mechanical stuff and engines.
When I am not building some crazy homebrewed project I like to dive. It is a great passion of mine.
The water here is very cold so we have special dry-suites. Under the surface everything is peaceful and the water is full of life.

What is better than a relaxing bath
My shrink tells me this is the reason I becom an electro-engineer and diver....

Well I had at least a yellow duck.

Some diving photo from an ice-dive
We cut a hole in the ice with a chain-saw and then we jump into that hole. Under the ice everything calm and the water is very clear. You can hear lots of cracking sound from the ice because of the natural pressure in the ice. One has to be careful not to disorient under the ice. There is only one way up again. The fishes are sleeping on the bottom of the lake and the water is soo cold.
Sometimes when we are under the ice, we blow air up in the feet insider of the drysuit. the air makes your feet float and if you turn up side down you can walk on the ice in the water. The air gives you a kind of fake gravity in opposite direction. The gravity is much lower and the feeling is like jumping on the moon (I guess). One doesn't feel that you are upside down so if the ice is clear you can see pepole right through the ice under your feets. Really nice feeling.

Taking photo
Taking photo is a great interest of mine.
I often go out to the country side to find someting to photo.

This photo was taken early in the morning when the fog almost covered the sun.
Ten minutes later the fog was all gone and the sky was blue.

It is springtime here and the fields are filled with yellow flowers.
The flowers are producing a fine oil which are used in food and you can even use it to drive you car.

This is our lake which could serve 11.000 litre of fresh water to each person in this world.
It is 1893km2 in area and 73.5km3 in water volume. The depth is 120m or 360 feet. The water is crystal clear and drinkable as it is.

This is me, enjoying my share of the 11.000 litre by having a great day in the sunshine.

Thank you for visiting my pages and I hope you enjoyed the trip.

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