24-01-10 Arduino Fonts for LCD
23-10-20 Arduino Frequency Counter
22-07-13 433 MHz Power Amplifier 2W
20-12-23 Arduino Energy meter INA219
20-05-23 Arduino rf generator
20-01-10 Arduino Christmas Lights show

Front end design of antenna
Antenna filter impedance
RF field meter

How to make aircoils
Air Coils (inductance measurement)
How to calculate slug tuned inductor
More test about slug tuned inductor
IF-CAN (Intermediate Frequency CAN)
How to calculate toroids
Quadrature FM Detectors
Ceramic filter
Improved LC-meter

Explore inside of a Radio
How a radio receiver works
50 MHz FM receiver (for my 50 MHz crystall controlled transmitters)
AM-Receiver for Aircraft communication
Synthesizer controlled AM-Receiver for Aircraft communication
Cordless phone BUG
MC 13136 experiment (Narrow band FM receiver)
SA602, SA612 Mixer
78-80 MHz Superfast Scanner
50MHz Receiver for the IR detector
Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)
Super improved AM-Receiver for Aircraft.
900MHz Cordless Phone Bugging.
Mixer testing of FM-receiver
DTMF Radio Receiver
POCSAG. Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group
RC Receiver for airplane
How to make a PCB
How to solder smd components
MC3362 FM Receiver

Xenon Flash Indicator
50 MHz transmitter I (1 transistor, FM)
50 MHz transmitter II (3 transistor, FM)
Crystal controlled bugg transmitter FM
50MHz Power Amplifier (transmitter)
50MHz Transmitter for the IR detector
Power amplifier class-C
Bugs and cockroach
Digital Wattmeter for RF based on AD8307
Wife Replacer
500mW FM PLL transmitter 88-108MHz
PLL bug transmitter
Digitally controlled FM transmitter (Part I)
FM PLL controlled VCO unit (Part II)
1.3W Power Amplifier
Bird Transmitter
RF Power Amplifier Module S-AV10H TOSHIBA
30W Digital Wattmeter for RF (0-500MHz)
1.5W Power Amplifier class-C (Part III)
250MHz RF Generator
TR1001 868.35 MHz Hybrid Transceiver
Ipod Stereo FM transmitter 1W
GPS Jammer
GPS Jammer Black Spot II
Trinity RF Power Meter
433 MHz Power Amplifier 2W

Audio amplifier with squelsh-control

45-860MHz Radio receiver based on UV916-tuner
TV-tuner and Spectrum Analyzer
Super Scanner 45-860MHz with 0.01Hz stepsize
Superior TV-tuner receiver 45-860MHz in 2500Hz step

Frequency Counter
Introduction to Fundamental Crystal Oscillators
VCO-Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCO tester and logger
Wireless Frequency counter
Poor man's counter
2.5 GHz Frequency counter
Exclusive 2.5GHz Frequency Counter
Transcendent Frequency Counter
Arduino Frequency Counter

The Smart Switch
AD9835 Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
ISD4002-120 Recording Circuit
Basic Introduction to PIC familly
Boot Loader software for PIC16F870
Rotator experiment
NE555 timer circuit
IDE Hard Disk experiments
Robot Voice
Arduino Christmas Lights show
Arduino rf generator
Arduino Energy meter INA219
Arduino Fonts for LCD ILI9341

Software download for all my projects

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